Book Cover Design 1On November 1, 2024, Darnell is scheduled to re-release, what he considers to be his first collection of inspiring and provocative poems, along with unforgettable short stories, and thought-provoking illustrations.

The soon to be released book, “The Mirror Within 2.0” explores the understanding of authentic love; the unforgettable experience of sex; the fading of passion; the risks of trust; the power of forgiveness; and the acceptance and understanding of self.

Book Review

” I have found myself experiencing many mind states as I have read this book of poetry which is by turns powerful, hard-hitting, blood-chilling, tender, poignant, touching, romantic and passionate.  The impressions of the work range from political and philosophical to deeply emotional.”

-Roberta Tenant, M.A., Editor-in-Chief, Falcon Books

The Mirror Within will be available where books are sold on November 1, 2024

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