Our Founder

Darnell's Photo 211Darnell A. Fountain II. is a Poet, Author, Designer, Mentor, Fashion Model, and Administrator in the District of Columbia (DC). Additionally, he is CEO/President of his own company, DF DeluXe, LLC.

Darnell presently resides outside of Washington, District of Columbia (DC), in Alexandria, Virginia, where he is completing several projects scheduled for release this year.

Darnell was awarded the Prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding achievement in poetry by the International Library of Poetry.  One of his poems were published in ‘Eternal Portraits’ a hardbound collection of over 200 poems that displayed an artistic vision.


Book Cover Design 1Book – The Mirror Within

On November 25, 2021, Darnell is scheduled to re-release, what he considers to be his first collection of inspiring and provocative poems, along with unforgettable short stories, and thought-provoking illustrations.

The soon to be released book, “The Mirror Within 2.0” explores the understanding of authentic love; the unforgettable experience of sex; the fading of passion; the risks of trust; the power of forgiveness; and the acceptance and understanding of self.

Book Review

” I have found myself experiencing many mind states as I have read this book of poetry which is by turns powerful, hard-hitting, blood-chilling, tender, poignant, touching, romantic and passionate.  The impressions of the work range from political and philosophical to deeply emotional.

-Roberta Tenant, M.A., Editor-in-Chief, Falcon Books

The Mirror Within will be available in Book Stores:  November 25, 2021