The Future of Playgrounds!


Can you guess what future holds for your kids? Have you realized how time is changing and how can you make your kids strong enough to cope with it? You never know what challenges your kids are going to face in their lives and you might not be around during their bad times. However, the best you can do is preparing them to meet those challenges, and for that, the commercial playgrounds can play a significant role.

blue swingsTalking about playgrounds, some obvious things that come to mind are different types of outdoor playground equipment such as monkey bars, slides, a swing set, or sometimes a junior level jungle gym. But, what if I take you to a playground made up of beautifully colored nylon cord intricately tied into a huge sofa-like structure or where children can play some weird yet interesting games such as hammering nails into garbage pile forts? Yes, this is how the playground structures are transforming from traditional model to a modern one. The latter is currently located in Berkeley and the former in Japan and they have been regarded “extraordinary” by experts.

pexels-photo-133624Now, the question is what is so extraordinary about these playgrounds? The trend is now shifting from structured to unstructured playgrounds and it is helping kids grow a lot more than before. According to psychologists specialized in children psychology, imaginative play with controlled danger elements enables kids to make stronger and grow better. It doesn’t mean you should let your kids fall down or avoid safety measures, but the crux of this idea is to let them explore things on their own, and for that, you have to let them play in unstructured playgrounds.

How and Why Unstructured Play is Important?

Talking about the benefits of unstructured playgrounds let me tell you why it is so important for kids to play freely. Unfortunately, parents know how to boss their kids and set routines for them, rather than focusing on what’s important for them. It’s a national dilemma that suppresses children inborn need of playing and exploring.

Most of the parents in America are entirely focused on the high academic grades rather than making their kids more creative and innovative. Sometimes, they don’t even realize what their kids’ interests are and impose their own decisions on them, and it’s destructing. Have a look at the benefits of unstructured playing!

pexels-photo-5386941. It Creates a Sense of Adventure

The free range play is the natural source of joy and happiness as it boosts the sense of adventure. When they aren’t bound what and what not to play, they explore things on their own that results in making them stronger and more challenging. As a result, they are better able to cope with whatever comes in their way.

2. Enables to Pursue their Own Interest 

The unstructured play helps children in discovering themselves and in identifying who they are. It is such a massive societal dilemma that we spend the entire life without realizing who we are, what we like and dislike, and where we want to be. Your child would go through the same problem if you don’t let him play freely.

The unstructured play helps kids in determining their own interest, likes and dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses. Once your child knows who he is and where the gaps in his personality are, he can work on them and be a better person later on.

3.  Learning Through Experience

Learning isn’t just about bookish knowledge. Several types of research have highlighted how playing boosts neural signals to learn more and more and in a better way. However, you might be ignoring the importance of learning through failure and experience kids go through while playing.

pexels-photo-230629What The Future Holds?

Luckily, the above mentioned facts have now been put to light and this is the reason why structured playgrounds are now transforming into unstructured ones where imaginative and free play are encouraged. Such playgrounds are already located in some parts of the country, but they are rare. The time isn’t far away when you will see interesting playground structures where your child will grow and thrive. Would you take your kids to the future playgrounds to make them stronger and more challenging?


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