Should You Wax At Home Or Professionally?

Waxing 2There is little argument about the superiority of waxing over shaving with regards to the length of time that skin is able to be kept smooth and hair-free.  Since waxing removes the hair from the root instead of cutting it off at the surface of the skin, you naturally receive an extended amount of time during the growth process before the hair begins to once again be seen on the surface.  With shaving, the reappearance of hair above the skin surface will begin within hours, where waxing will generally take upwards of two weeks.  For many, this fact alone is enough to make them call waxing a better option than shaving.  Damage to the skin is yet another factor that proves to many why waxing is a better process.  Shaving removes the top layer of skin with each pass of a razor blade, essentially creating damage and irritation.  Waxing actually does the opposite, due to the fact that most waxes are mixed with lotions that will soothe the skin during the process.  Shaving damages the skin and waxing actually heals it.

WaxingThe discussion of the superiority of waxing brings about the question of if someone should do it at home or have a professional salon complete the process.  This is probably an individual choice that has a lot to do with salon employees seeing you naked, but if you are not shy there are many factors that actually make a professional wax better than a home wax.  First and foremost is the wax itself, which a professional salon will generally be using a superior version of.  Waxes all perform the same duty of drying and capturing a hair follicle, allowing it to be pulled out as the wax is removed.  Cheaper waxes that are used in home kits will sometimes also bond to your skin and cause the same types of irritation that comes with shaving due to the fact that skin cells are being removed as the wax is pulled off.  The more expensive professional waxes are formulated to bond less to your skin and more to the hair alone, allowing for a smoother removal process with less irritation.  Professional waxes are also mixed with products that soothe your skin during the process, which will also cut down on the irritation that the removal process causes.

heat-theme-numbers-thermometer-74182.jpegA professional salon also understands the perfect temperatures to heat the wax to in order to get the best results.  One of the biggest complaints about waxing at home is that the wax burns the skin if it has been overheated.  Waxing professionals understand the perfect temperature which will cause the wax to soften but not cause burning when applied.  A good wax should be applied warm and not hot, and should never cause pain and burning in the least.

Waxing does cause pain, but a professional session will be able to minimize that pain because of the removal techniques that most customers do not know.  People at home will simply rip the wax off and hope to capture some of the hair, but a professional session will involve an understanding of the patterns that hair grows in as well as the method that will remove the most hair with the least pain.  This is not simply a matter of the direction the wax is pulled off, but also the speed and method it is removed.  No waxing session is totally painless, but a professional session will generally produce far less pain than if you do it yourself.

If you think that waxing is something you would like to try, visit a local waxing salon and take a look around.  You will probably be glad you did.


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